I moved to New Mexico for a year (at the end of August 2017) and my friend and I made a list of "Goals for New Mexico" Follow along here on the blog or on my Instagram as we check things off!

Goals for New Mexico:
1. Try green chile 10 different ways ✔️
2. Ride in a hot air balloon ✔️
3. Visit all of New Mexico's National Parks and Monuments✔️
4. Sled down the sand dunes at White Sands ✔️
5. Go camping ✔️
6. Find natural hot springs ✔️
7. Swim in a waterfall ✔️
8. Run a 5k ✔️
9. Swim in New Mexico's Blue Hole ✔️
10. Try an unusual pistachio product ✔️
11. Pay respects to Smoky the Bear ✔️
12. See an alien✔️
13. Find nine quirky roadside attractions
14. Ride the longest gondola in the U.S. ✔️
15. Make my own flavored simple syrups ✔️

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I'm Lauren, I have a curious heart and am passionate about my faith, people, and adventure. I'm on staff with Young Life Expeditions and I love it! I have traveled to over 50 countries, and have lived on three different continents. I also deeply enjoy lists, strong coffee, exploring new places, and getting to share those experiences with good friends both here and wherever you find yourself.