Help Me Out :)

I have maintained the same full time job for the last 10 years which is how I fund my travel and blog. However, travel is expensive so here are a few ways you can help me out if you are feeling generous :)

Plus if you message me (DM me through Instagram) and let me know you did any of these things I will send you a handwritten postcard from my next adventure as a way of saying thank you!


Book a room with Airbnb!

Airbnb is a great way to save money on hotel costs and have a more "local" experience! Plus if you are a new user and you book through this link both you and I get some money credited to our Airbnb accounts! A win for everyone! 


Ride with Uber!

Uber is great for getting around without a rental car, if you haven't signed up before you can use my link to get $5 towards your next four Uber rides (plus I get $5 for referring you), it's a smart move for both of us!


Venmo Me!

Did you find my blog generally helpful and just want give to keeping it up? Thanks! I super appreciate it! My Venmo is @thecuriousadventurer and any amount sent over $5 I will send you a postcard to say thank you! (Just DM me through Instagram to let me know!)